The Guild of Property Professionals has teamed up with LeadPro to launch a new service free to its Members. Guild LeadPro will provide Members with a lead generation product that will help them increase their response time to customer queries, as well as their revenue.

Launched earlier this month, Guild LeadPro is an automated system that replies instantly to all buyer and tenant email enquiries from portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket. In the reply, every applicant is sent a questionnaire asking if they have a house to sell, let, or need a mortgage, creating a lead opportunity and possible referral.

According to Iain McKenzie, CEO of The Guild, more than half of email enquires are made in the evenings and over weekends. This means that, often, people have to wait until the next working day for a reply. “Guild LeadPro responds to these out-of-work-hours emails immediately, which enhances the customer’s experience and assists the agents to convert business that they may have otherwise potentially missed out on.”

He adds that the system is more than an out-of-office reply service. “Customers don’t just want an automated reply, they are looking for feedback and answers. Guild LeadPro lets them qualify their enquiry by answering a custom questionnaire, which also lets the agent know the best time to phone them,” says McKenzie. “The agent will know who made the enquiry, when to contact them and what they are looking for. If the applicant decides not to fill out the enquiry form, the agent will still get the original lead from the portal, so no communication is ever lost, just potentially enhanced.”

Apart from enhancing the customer experience, Guild LeadPro helps Members find new vendors and grow their business. Around 65% of buyers will have to first sell their home before buying another one.  If this is the case, the Guild Member who takes care of the postal code in which their house is situated will receive a lead to be able to book a valuation. Should the applicant be looking to buy a home in another part of the country, they will be referred to the appropriate Guild Member through the referral system and the Member in the area from which they are moving will receive a referral fee simply for being a part of the network.

“There is also opportunity for lettings agents, as a third of moving tenants can introduce the agent to their landlord. An introduction that comes at an ideal time, when the property is about to be empty, and the landlord can benefit from the agent’s help. LeadPro can text and email both vendors and landlords with instant valuations of their property and with market rental prices, engaging clients ahead of the competition and prompting them to schedule an advice meeting with the agent,” McKenzie explains.

Over and above the potential for increasing business prospects, the system is also a great way for agents to increase their revenue through other streams. “Moving house is stressful for tenants and buyers. Agents can help make the process easier by referring useful services, such as mortgage brokers or broadband providers, and receive a referral fee from suppliers,” adds McKenzie.

He continues that within the customisable LeadPro questionnaire, customers can be asked if they want help with their mortgage, internet, utilities, insurance, conveyancing and credit score. If they opt-in for help, their details are referred to a useful supplier instantly, without adding to the agent’s workload.

“Guild LeadPro is another way in which we are trying to assist independent estate agents take their business to new heights. The Guild is about providing tools that increase business, reduce costs and promote professionalism,” McKenzie concludes.

For more information about Guild LeadPro visit or contact 020 8144 6244.

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