Given that Brits are busier than ever before, many don’t have the time to thoroughly clean their home. Consequently, they do the very basics – clean dishes/cutlery, wash laundry and make beds.

Interested in hygiene, End of Tenancy Cleaning Company surveyed 1,624 British property owners/renters to discover how often Brits intend to clean different aspects of the home which are typically forgotten/ignored this year (2020).


The often forgotten/ignored home aspects Brits aim to clean at least once a month in 2020
Inside and Outside of Microwave 81%
Bins 74%
Frequently Used Heavy Furniture (e.g. sofa etc.) 69%
Small Appliances (e.g. toaster, kettle etc.) 66%
Inside and Outside of Fridge/Refrigerator 64%
Bedding/Mattress 60%
Inside and Outside of Oven 55%
Mirrors 52%
Floor Mats/Rugs 48%
Light Fixtures/Light Switches 43%

End of Tenancy found that the microwave (81%) is the aspect of the home the majority of Brits will aim to properly clean the inside and outside of at least once a month this year.

Thereafter, 74% plan to thoroughly wash all their bins on a monthly basis.

In third position, 69% want to give the most frequently used heavy furniture (e.g. sofa etc) in their home a good wipe down each month.

On the other end, 43% of Brits intend to dust and wipe all the light fixtures/light switches in their home at least once a month.

Slight above, 48% want to hoover all the floor mats/rugs in their home one time a month.

The often forgotten/ignored home aspects Brits aim to clean at least once every three months in 2020
Kitchen/Bathroom Cupboards, Cabinets, Shelves 72%
Inside and Outside of Dishwasher/Laundry Machines 68%
Bedroom Cupboards, Cabinets, Shelves 65%
Curtains/Drapes/Blinds 59%
Interior/Exterior Windows 52%
Door Handles/Knobs 47%
Tile Grouting 44%
Doors 41%
Skirting Boards 33%
Drains/Gutters/Air Vents 20%


Kitchen/bathroom cupboards, cabinets and shelves (72%) are the parts of the home Brits most want to clean at least once every three months.

Thereafter, 68% will seek to clean their dishwasher and laundry machines at a minimum of one time every three months.

A feature of the home we touch everyday – 47% want to wipe all the door handles/knobs in their property at least once every three months.

Just below, 44% state they will give the grouting around their tiles a good scrub once every three months to prevent discolouring and build-up of dirt.

Contrastingly, only 20% have a desire to clean their drains/gutters/air vents a minimum of once over a three-month period.


Interestingly, 67% from those surveyed have made a cleaning schedule/rota for this year (2020).

Whilst 46% have already made a shopping trip this year to specifically stock up on cleaning products.

Damningly, 51% admit being unhappy with their home’s overall cleanliness and hygiene last year (2019).

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