Keller Group plc (“Keller” or “the group”), the world’s largest geotechnical specialist contractor, announces its results for the year ended 31 December 2018.

% changeConstant
% change
Underlying EBITDA1167.5177.2(5)%(2)%
Underlying operating profit196.6108.7(11)%(8)%
Underlying profit before tax180.598.7(18)%(16)%
Underlying diluted earnings per share179.1p101.8p(22)%(20)%
Total dividend per share35.9p34.2p+5%n/a
Statutory operating profit25.0121.3(79)%(79)%
Statutory profit before tax8.4110.6(92)%(92)%
Statutory diluted earnings per share(20.6)p120.5pn/an/a

1 Before pre-tax non-underlying debits of £72.1m (2017: credits of £11.9m). Details of the non-underlying items are set out in note 8 of the consolidated financial information. Adjusted performance measures are used throughout this report. A detailed description of these, and reconciliation to statutory numbers is set out in the Adjusted performance measures section of this report.

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