Since 2015, Method has been challenging office behaviour with recycling products for offices and co-working spaces. Based in New Zealand, Method is the creation of Steven and India Korner who spent three years mastering their award-winning products.


The thriving business received two awards in the Best Design Awards from the ‘Designers Institute of New Zealand’ for recyclable packaging and product design. Method has been the long-term sustainability partners for accounting software Xero, Wellington Airport, University of Melbourne, Sydney Cricket Ground, KeepCup, and supplied the offices of the world’s most innovative sustainable automobile company.


Method chose the UK as their next venture to challenge waste behaviour in the burgeoning co-working environments and offices of the largest design practices. Their first client in the UK was internationally-renowned architecture firm Foster + Partners who chose Method’s products to help reduce waste from their London headquarters.


Open Plan Recycling philosophy


Open plan and agile workspaces have eclipsed closed offices and cubicles in recent years. Re-thinking how modern offices work has reshaped how they are designed – from our desks to our kitchens, to the power we use. Yet decisions about waste have long been neglected leading to systems that are inconsistent or hidden away from sight but with ‘Open Plan Recycling’, this becomes a core part of the office interior. Enhance the success of your recycling bins by placing them where they will naturally be used; the Organics bin could be beside the coffee machine, the Paper recycling bin by the printer, and the freestanding stations where they’ll be most noticed.


Visible recycling bins reinforce accountability, which Method found is a key component for progress. When people know they’re being watched, even subconsciously, they tend to take more thought over their decisions and are more likely to sort their waste accurately. Precyclers are a short term solution for your desk that holds waste and recycling before they reach your recycling station. They eradicate the need for individual desk bins and make Open Plan Recycling more effective.


Method has observed changes in office waste behaviour as employees are motivated to change their behaviour at work and subsequently at home, united by a larger purpose while waste service providers receive waste that has been accurately sorted at source.


Corporate Social Responsibility


As a society, we’re becoming more ethical with our consumption, with more people actively buying from environmentally and socially responsible businesses than ever before. Open Plan Recycling is a great way to show your commitment to environmental initiatives in order to attract customers and increase profits.


Method bins start from £105.50, Precyclers from £30. Prices are excluding VAT and bulk discounts are available.


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