Genesis Homes is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week by talking to its four apprentices about what their apprenticeship programme is like. The introduction to house building provides a diverse range of relevant industry experience in roles including commercial, sales and marketing, finance and land management.

Whilst the programme allows apprentices to experience different aspects of the business at their Head Office in Penrith, they also follow a curriculum of assessment projects set by apprenticeship providers like Gen2 and Carlisle College. Throughout the programme, these young people will be encouraged to find out what they do or don’t enjoy with the ultimate goal being a potential career path with the housebuilder. 

Genesis Homes currently employs four apprentices. Abby Thompson was the firm’s first apprentice, followed by the more recent additions of Jack Wallace and James Seward; the youngest is 16-year old Josh Kirkwood who works on-site at the St. Cuthbert’s development in Wigton. The high ratio of apprentices to full-time staff at Genesis Homes reflects the local housebuilder’s commitment to training young people in Cumbria and helping to retain and develop skills locally.

Nicky Gordon, Genesis Homes Managing Director said:

“The housebuilding and construction industries are key contributors to employment in Cumbria and we’re committed to helping young people develop skills to build the quality houses our county needs for the future. Our first apprentices are doing really well and we’re pleased to confirm that we have implemented an ongoing apprenticeship programme as we continue to grow in 2019.”

James Seward, Genesis Homes’ newest apprentice, said: “It’s really worthwhile to have a chance to try all the different departments and see what I like. Once I’ve done a bit in each one, I’ll have a much better idea of what I’m hoping to do.”

“Apprenticeships can sometimes be quite hard to find but it’s worth showing an interest in what’s out there and getting onto a waiting list – so when the right opportunity comes along you can take it.”

Apprentice Jack Wallace said: “It’s great how quickly you start feeling more confident. I’ve got great mentors who let me know what needs to be done and give me a chance to do it myself – and if I need help, I can always ask. I’m currently working in the Finance department and finding all the different processes really interesting.

Abby Thompson, Genesis Homes’ first apprentice, said: “I’ve been through all the different departments and I’ve ultimately decided on becoming a Land Assistant – I think it’s so interesting being there right at the beginning of the process of negotiating and putting together planning applications.” “I know that some people are put off housebuilding as a career path because its often seen as a male-dominated industry, but I’m not really bothered by it. I really like to get involved and I enjoy how much variety there is in the industry.”

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