Fire safety is always a top priority for any Health & Safety Manager. Continuous education on fire extinguisher types and how to act in the event of an emergency is essential in minimising the risk of a fire disaster.
In England alone between April 2017 and March 2018, non-dwelling fires accounted for 15,577 of the 74,118 primary fires attended by fire & rescue services. Fires in non-residential buildings resulted in 20 fatalities and 994 casualties requiring hospital treatment, a rise on the previous year.1

These figures strengthen the necessity to make fire safety as coherent as possible in any organisation.
Fire point stations provide an easy guide to the do’s and don’ts in a fire situation. Ideal eye-height positioning of clear information will inevitably make it more visible and accessible for staff and visitors to read even when there is no urgent need to.

Until now, the choice of fire safety stations to suit your organisation was somewhat limited, and those listing extinguisher types were all-too-often visually disappointing, thus losing the appeal of being read by those passing by.
Introducing the comprehensive range of quality fire point stations UK safety sign manufacturer, SafetySigns4Less, has addressed the issues mentioned above and implemented a wide range of fire point stations to its vast fire safety portfolio.

Specially designed stations ensure maximum visibility from all angles and encourage continued education with clear and colour coded information. All stations come fully stocked, eliminating the need to purchase extinguishers, alarms and fire blankets separately.

With product manufacture and testing done at their base in Poole, Dorset, SafetySigns4Less can keep costs low and pass those savings on to its customers. An example of this is a standard CO2 fire extinguisher station, that on SafetySigns4Less, will save you up to 14% than that from other leading suppliers.

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