This September marks National Home Improvement Month in the UK. With millions of people across the country deciding to make changes to their homes in order to help them love the home they live in, this is fantastic news for the growth of the gas engineering and plumbing sectors. 

Following the Coronavirus-induced economic downturn, plumbing and heating operatives were considered to be key workers of the sector. They played a direct role in keeping society warm and safe, and there would have been adverse and dangerous effects in the case gas engineers or plumbers were not allowed to attend sites to fix problems.

The restoration of consumer confidence has been pivotal for recovery, and the home improvement sectors have proven no different. The Government has undertaken radical procedures to assist with the recovery of the sector, such as Stamp Duty holidays and radical planning reformations, aligned with the Prime Minister’s vision of a “build, build, build” strategy.

Here, new nationally representative research from Powered Now, a mobile-based billing, invoicing and quotation application which specialises in trades, unveils the sentiment that Britons have towards commencing their home improvements post-lockdown.

Key statistics:

  • 18% of Brits are planning to commence home improvements after the COVID-19 lockdown
    • 9%  of Brits are planning to commence gas engineering or plumbing improvements 
  • 25% of the population are now looking to use cash less frequently to avoid the spread of infection
    • 23% agreed ahead of gas engineering and plumbing projects that they are now looking to use cash less frequently 
  • 71% agreed that despite Coronavirus, they won’t postpone home improvement work because of a reluctance to have other people in their house
    • 81% agreed that despite Coronavirus, they won’t postpone gas engineering and plumbing work 
  • 18% agreed that the threat of a second wave of COVID has influenced them to commence home improvement projects sooner rather than later
    • 9% agreed that the threat of a second wave of COVID has influenced them to commence gas engineering and plumbing projects sooner rather than later

Ben Dyer, CEO of Powered Now, has commented on the research and how SMEs in the gas engineering and plumbing trades are witnessing a revival in business.

“We are really excited about National Home Improvement Month this September. With more and more people across the country pledging to make changes to their households and gardens, we are happy to continue to see the trends we have been experiencing at Powered Now – the home improvement sector is back! This is great news. It means that this important sector is doing its part in the recovery from COVID-19.

The whole industry is still in catch up mode and projects delayed by the lockdown are taking priority. This has helped to spike demand and we expect it to continue in the short term. As key workers in the sector, we are happy to see that our research has very much confirmed that Brits are eager to have gas engineering and plumbing jobs completed post-lockdown, treating themselves to a little home-based TLC.

Our SME customers are also talking about the pressure to complete jobs as people worry about a second wave. As we have seen from the sentiments established in this research, this could, in fact, help the trades bounce back even quicker as people will rush to hire a tradesperson for their desired work.”

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