Women in Construction: A Roadmap for Industry

Teamed with NFB Ambassador, spokesperson for Women in Construction and Design and Build UK’s Director, Michaela Wain, this initiative is the start of a change from what is a highly stereotypical, male dominated industry, to a place where women and girls can equally thrive and succeed without bias. 

The NFB is committed to ensuring the construction industry is a place of diversity and inclusion for all. To tackle this issue seriously, NFB recently introduced the Women in Construction initiative which addresses the barriers and challenges the sector currently has for women and the actions required from businesses and individuals to overcome them.

Together, NFB and Michaela have created a ‘Roadmap for Industry’ – a straightforward plan that is accessible and applicable to anyone who wishes to start making positive changes for the future of construction.

Please take the time to download and read the short brochure on this page and, should you see fit, pledge your commitment and advocation for the initiative by signing up to the roadmap.

Those who sign up to the roadmap, whether members or not, will have their company names listed on this webpage, and will be asked from time to time what actions they are taking to help promote Women in Construction in their workforce.

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