NHS Procure UK Directory

The NHS Procure UK publication is available as a print and online interactive flip book, which can be accessed using login details given to each advertiser and subscriber. The online publication makes the interactive facilities easy to use for healthcare staff, with a search facility making the experience simple and concise.

The NHS Procure UK publication is distributed free of charge on a bi-annual basis to a variety of senior professionals within the healthcare industry, with a last check distribution audience of 24,000 meaning NHS Procure UK has the largest readership for a directory of its kind in the UK.

The directory is used as a go-to listing of trusted suppliers and consultants that offer their goods and services to the healthcare industry. It is designed and published in order to enable purchasers, company directors and department managers to easily access the contact details for companies offering services and supplies to the industry whilst also providing contact details for fellow professionals within the industry. This includes organisations such as Clinical Commissioning Groups, Strategic Health Authorities, National Purchasing Agencies and Procurement Hubs, enabling the sharing of best practices.

Staff listings for each organisation are updated biannually meaning all contact details are up to date. Every six months, each organisation’s contact listing is published and distributed free of charge within each copy due to the revenue generated through advertising sales.

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NHS Procure UK Data

Our healthcare database is the most detailed and concise directory of its kind in the UK. The database consists of the contact details of over 20,000 healthcare professionals and key procurement staff.

Each advertiser receives the database in excel format, however in the coming months we hope that our in-development CRM system, which will enable each user to call, email and track their progress through the CRM itself, will become available.

Mail merging is easily achieved using the database and can be followed up using your existing email service provider. Users are regularly and easily able to target key health professionals and distribute details of new product launches, company services and special offers to them.

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