With UK robberies on the rise, homeowners looking to increase the security of their homes can look to tips from home improvement experts.


The latest crime survey figures for England and Wales highlighted a 17% increase in robbery offences in 2018* and experts are urging homeowners to protect abodes and secure entry points to stop homes being a target for thieves.



From simply moving valuable items out of sight to upgrading windows to strong, shatter-proof, multi-lock versions the team at Stormclad.co.uk have compiled their best suggestions for protecting properties.


Whether it’s in lieu of an extended break or to increase home safety in general, simple suggestions for securing homes include adding an alarm system, outdoor lighting and locking away outside objects that can be used to break in.


Managing director of Stormclad, Clyde Scothern, who has more than 30 years of experience in home improvements, said: “With a spike in home robberies, it’s a good time to consider your home’s security to see if anything can be done to improve it. Following the Christmas period, homes are likely to be filled with costly goods and this can make properties a bigger target for burglary.


“As home experts, we have compiled a list of simple tips that homeowners can consider when making plans to increase the security and safety of their property.


“Our suggestions include quick and easy changes that can be made to the interior and exterior of homes such as ensuring valuable objects are less obvious and locking away outside items that can be used for break-ins such as spades. Other changes that can be made to the home include reinforcing entry points with strong, reliable windows and doors to prevent forced entry.


“To ensure complete peace of mind, always check that installations and home improvements are completed to the highest standard by a reputable company with full accreditations and that you know the full specification of any work being carried out.”


Here’s the list of five easy tips for increasing home security:


  1. Hide valuable items across all floors

Burglars won’t just concentrate on the ground floor of your home, if expensive valuables are on show across other floors this could still make your home a target, so be careful how visible valuables are from street view to keep from falling prey to thieves. Ensure that keys are kept in a safe place too, away from the letterbox as intruders often try to retrieve keys with a hook device to open the door.


  1. Remove outside objects

Many burglars are opportunists and they will use close-to-hand items to help them break in. It’s a good idea to lock or hide items away such as spades, garden tools and even large heavy rocks that can be used to smash glass and force entry – this adds an extra layer of protection to the home.


  1. Reinforce entry points

Burglars often scout out soft entry points that look easy to break into and old doors, windows and conservatories are easy targets. It’s a good idea to upgrade entry points to versions that include shatter-proof laminate glass, internal beading and effective security locking systems.


Window locking systems such as Twin-cam Security Locking (TSL) have up to eight locking points with adjustable twin-cams offering even greater security against burglary. For all sash window locks and other window security locks, it’s important to ensure the parts themselves are resistant, designed for purpose, and compliant with British standards like PAS24. Bi-fold doors are also a popular option for external back doors and as well as being aesthetically pleasing, they come with multi-point locking systems that are almost impenetrable to the average burglar.


  1. Light up

Keep homes illuminated from within to discourage thieves. A timer light can work or if you’re away on holiday, then ask a friend or neighbour to switch the lights on and off for a period of time so that the property doesn’t appear obviously vacant. Investing in a motion activated sensor light will also put off approaching intruders operating under the guise of darkness.


  1. Visible alarm system

For a more robust level of home protection invest in a visible alarm system. There are plenty of comprehensive alarm systems on the market but installing one will send a clear message to potential intruders that your home is not an easy target.


Stormclad specialises in door, window and conservatory installations – for more information or to speak to the team visit the company website here.


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