Today marks the celebration of International Women’s Day. At Design & Build UK we’d like to dedicate this post to and thank the hard work of our women who have led us into the position we are in today. We proudly champion Women in Construction – or rather scream it from the rooftops – and couldn’t be happier that this day is dedicated to celebrating women all over the world.

Having a reputation for its male dominated workspaces, and poor worker wellbeing, Design & Build UK have taken great pleasure in seeing the construction industry overcome its stereotype and become more diverse over the years – with more and more women reaching the top of their career ladders and feeling as though they belong in the industry once belonged to a ‘macho’ society.

If you’ve read previous issues of our magazine, you would have had the pleasure of reading about these women and their experience. To name a few:

Carol Massay, Head of Access Construction and an expert speaker on how technology can revolutionize the industry

Lorna Hagan, construction quality consultant that helps construction companies utilise quality to improve sustainability and revenue.

A dedicated reader of ours would have noticed we have taken a short break from our monthly Women in Construction (WIC) Awards where we feature three women nominated by their colleagues who deserve recognition for their work in the industry. Don’t worry, it’s for a good reason…

Design & Build UK are hosting an industry leading WIC Awards event in September later this year (which explains why we are saving all of our nominees!) All the money raised from ticket sales and sponsors for the event will be donated to The Maggie Oliver Foundation, helping young girls and women who have suffered from sexual abuse and domestic violence.

If you’d like to get involved in this cause, an event we encourage the entire industry to get behind, please click the link here:

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And if you want a good corporate-equality themed laugh today, check out the @PayGapApp Twitter account which has been retweeting the tweets of the hundreds of companies celebrating IWD with their gender pay gap above it! It’s equally harrowing as it is hilarious as dozens of companies scramble to delete their online fakery in the name of virtue signalling.

If you really want to see the extent of the ongoing gender pay gap that is rife in this country, you could do far worse than seeing the numbers in plain sight for everyone to see on one of the biggest social media accounts in the world.

So whilst we too celebrate the work of women in our country and beyond, we urge companies to consider why their female colleagues are being paid up to 50% less than their male colleagues. We must all do better.

Happy #IWD2022