About Us

Design & Build UK is the flagship magazine of Design & Build Publishing Ltd. It is the UK’s leading online construction magazine, which is distributed throughout the UK to a client readership of approximately 150,000, including the main decision makers in the construction and retail industry.

Our Readers Include:
Retail Industry, Local Governments and Authorities, Architects, Main Contractors, Quantity Surveyors, Construction Companies, Sub-contractors, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Structural Engineers.

All types and sizes of projects are featured ranging from small industry projects, renovation schemes, articles on health and safety, world renowned schemes, new product and innovations and government legislation.

We also feature interviews with construction sector leaders. We have a section at the start of each magazine dedicated to up-to-date news and a section at the back for a selection of the latest tender leads. We provide detailed market analysis, inside knowledge and business forecasting. This ensures our readers stay one step ahead of the rest and make key decisions with confidence and success.

The magazine features videos from the latest projects and advertisement videos. As the magazine is an online journal we receive reports each month highlighting how successful the features have been amongst our readers. We can provide detailed statistics to our clients each month and one of our dedicated account managers, always prepared to answer any questions and provide valued feedback, looks after each company.

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Our Key Advantages

High Quality Design

The Design and Build UK magazine and all supplements are subject to rigorous quality checks every month making sure all images, adverts and articles meet our high quality standards.

Interactive Magazine

The Design and Build UK magazine and all supplements are fully interactive. This means that readers can click on all elements of your advert in the magazine. This includes clicking your email address to contact you directly from the magazine, as well as linking directly to your website through one click of your website URL. Increase your company image, brand awareness and website traffic, all in one advert.

Customer Support

We provide constant support to our customers throughout the advertising process and after publication. We can provide a breakdown of statistics on page impressions, click-throughs and time spent on your individual adverts.